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Heathkit PT-1

Designed in the late 50's the Heathkit PT-1 is a very suprising performer.

Heathkit calls it a Stereo tuner but it's actually and Am/Fm tuner that will receive both at the same time. 

Early experiments with stereo was to transmit one channel on Am and the other on Fm.

Performance was mixed with this method and Multiplex Stereo made tuners of this type obsolete over night.

With the addition of the AC-11 Multiplex unit the PT-1 is an excellent tuner.

These are real sleepers and the AM section is superb.  Fm is quite good too but this tuner is an older design. Still performance is very good and these are easily found on ebay very reasonable for the performance they provide.

PT-1 Schematic

AC-11 Schematic