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Marantz 2440

This had been sitting in my basement for years and ended up going thru a flood and spent several hours completely submerged in water. 

After the flood I let it dry in the sun and blew it out and put it back on the shelf.

After another few years of sitting on the shelf I finally decided to get it out and see how bad it was hurt.

The unit actually was functional and showed no real damage from the water but I ended up changing nearly every cap in the unit.

36 Caps and 2 transistors, and one meter movement later it plays like a brand new one.

Connected to my 2285B it works great.

I did make one change in the gain of the front channel preamp simply to lower the Volume control position from wide open to a more normal position of 11 o'clock.

Running at wide open made me a little nervous.

Date code is 9/12/1972 and the serial # is 1082 so this is the eighty second unit produced.

First power up

No smoke and no frozen controls

No rust

Note missing meter

Bottom side

Face removed for cleaning

Power amp section

Rc4 remote control.

Luckly this did not go thru the flood.

Bad caps

New meter installed

Front channel pre amp board

The small board on the right is where I changed the gain.

RC-4 hooked up and works fine

Back together

Looks as good as it works.

For what it went thru it turned out very nice.

SQ -1 decoder

Fixing this without a schematic was a real challenge. I found one transistor open after hours of following signal path.